Spiritual Freedom And Permission To Pray

Permission to Pray was borne from the actions of a precious Housekeeping stakeholder at Kenilworth Care and Rehab (Sebring, FL) who saw that a family member and new resident were sitting on the bed hunched over, and crying.

A new place, the unknown, fear…Not knowing what to expect. The stakeholder asked if she could come into the room, then asked the two if she could pray with them. The three held the hands of a unified circle and prayed for healing, restoration and peace. A calm pervaded and a tender joy with deliberate peace was restored. Tears dried and smiles came and conversation ensued because of the simple kindness of one.

Permission to Pray came from the bold approach of a stakeholder who saw a need, who listened to that still small voice and approached in compassion. You have permission to pray, if you choose.

This is a revolution of many who can meet a need with the power of a singular force: love, compassion and prayer.

– Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality and Culture

Below is a presention developed by the Spirituality Department and presented by Signature Vice President of Spirituality Dianne Timmering which illustrates the importance of what Spirituality means at Signature.


Permission to Pray is about the freedom to pray and worship based on meeting individuals at the point of their need, based on spiritual preferences and faith traditions. It is about the right to worship or not to worship but the freedom to choose. Spirituality is one of three cultural foundations of Signature HealthCARE, LLC based in Louisville, KY.

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