A (Temporary) Chapel to Remember

What do you do when you need a Chapel or Worship space, but there is no area that can be devoted towards one?

You create a mobile one!

Chaplain Suzanne Priddy at Spencer County came up with the idea for a Prayer Wall that serves this purpose and used it in her recent Wellness Fair. As Suzanne explains:

We do not have a chapel and so we had to find another place to create the appropriate atmosphere for our Wellness Fair. My goal was to engage the stakeholders with a “Prayer Wall”. I asked them to write their requests on the “wall” or if they wanted to keep it private to write it on the back of a provided card and tape it  to the wall. I had low lighting, battery operated tea lights, soft gospel piano music playing and positive words on the walls.

The response almost brought me to tears. Several of our stakeholders stated how calm they felt and that they would love to have a space like this to come to during their break or lunch. The atmosphere was reverent and they were so sincere in their approach. I have placed the prayer requests in my office and I am using this as a reminder to myself as I pray for these folks daily.

Suzanne Priddy, Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County

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