Spirituality and Recruiting partner to create International Day of Peace

Signature’s Spirituality and Recruiting Departments partnered today to host a special ceremony in honor of the International Day of Peace, which takes place Saturday, Sept. 21.

Special activities and celebrations will take place worldwide during this weekend, 2013 Peace Day Weekend. The International Day of Peace was created in 1981, when the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution by unanimous vote.

Between 60 and 70 employees from Signature’s home office attended the event as a reminder and to promote concepts of peace, reconciliation and harmony throughout our community, company and the world.

Crafts made by residents at SHC of Memphis were specifically created for the event and sold, with proceeds benefiting the Compassion Fund. A liturgy was also passed out to participants. Attendees were then encouraged to select a stone upon which they visualized their wishes and prayers for peace, and the stones were cast into a circle as a symbol of those wishes.

For more about the International Day of Peace, click HERE. To read the liturgy from the ceremony, see below.

WELCOME:      Linda Howe

(All are welcome to join in the responses where indicated.)


Tiffany:           We gather here as a community to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

Hollye:           We are reminded that we are all part of one global human family living together in a world that is often broken or divided.

David:             We join together today in hopes that the universal desire for peace may be realized.

Vonnie:          We ask for help in recognizing the call in each one of us to commit ourselves to the goal of helping to create a true and lasting peace in the world.

Stephen:        We each stand forth today to shine the light of the hope for peace on the world around us.

All:                   For all of this we pray.


Tiffany:           Spirit of Wisdom,                 ALL:                 Guide Us.

Hollye:           Spirit of Truth,                                  ALL:                 Enlighten Us.

David:             Spirit of Reconciliation      ALL:                 Empower Us.

Vonnie:          Spirit of Hope                                   ALL:                 Fill Us.

Stephen:        Spirit of Unity                                   ALL:                 Transform Us.


Tiffany:           Peace is not merely the absence of conflict.

Hollye:           Peace is not brought about by avoidance or surrender.

David:             Peace stems from justice and respect.

Vonnie:          Peace is made real by one person treating another with dignity.

Stephen:        Peace is a sacred occurrence which everyone is entitled to experience.

Tiffany:           One of the most effective ways of bringing about peace is through the process of reconciliation.

Hollye:           Reconciliation is like the fountain from which the life giving water of peace erupts.

David:             Let us call forth within ourselves these sacred qualities of peace and reconciliation.

Vonnie:          Let us recognize the dignity of all people.

Stephen:        Let us promote decency, fairness and justice for all.

ALL:                 Let us work for peace, not just in our communities and our country, but throughout the entire world.


Tiffany:           As a means of expressing our desire for peace and reconciliation, we call forth all who wish to join us in symbolizing this sacred desire for peace.

Hollye:           Those who feel so inclined are invited to come forward and select a stone from the container in front of us.

David:             This stone is meant to be a symbol of our own wishes, our own desires, and of our own prayers to be applied to the places that we ourselves feel peace is most needed; either for ourselves, our friends, our families, our country, our world – for anything we might wish.

Vonnie:          We ask that you take this stone and in your mind fill it with all of these inner desires for peace and place it on the ground in the circle in front of us, either now or at any time throughout the day today in a manner of your choosing.

Stephen:        We do this as a living symbol of a most sincere desire for peace – for reconciliation – for harmony – in all the many places where it is needed.


(All Leaders come forward and place their stones in the circle and return to their places
as all those assembled who wish to do so do the same.)


Tiffany:           On this International Day of Peace, we remember the need for peace and justice that still exists in this world.

Hollye:           We ask you, oh God, to help us hear your voice which counsels forgiveness, compassion, patience and dialogue.

David:             Help us to heighten our awareness of the needs of others so as to create an environment where harmony may flourish.

Vonnie:          Help us follow the paths of mercy, compassion and reconciliation in all that we do.

Stephen:        And help us to always act on behalf of peace, not only for today, but for all of the days of our lives.

ALL:                 We ask this for all those in need – both now and forever. Amen.

CLOSING AND DISMISSAL:     Dianne Timmering

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