“The Green Sponge Roller” by Dianne Timmering

“He will yet fill

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your mouth with laughter, and your lips with shouting.” Job 8: 21

Earlier this week, I was able to join the prayer circle which meets every day in front of the home office. They are steadfast in their seeking of the Lord for the secret desires of the heart. You can’t imagine the impact of a circle of 10 to 25 people on a daily basis and seeing them with bowed heads, dedicated to the power and impact of prayer; of asking, of being, of silencing the time around them–stacking time in a linear process of peace. Simply, they are beautiful.

On that day, I was driving into the office at the top of the hour just before nine o’clock, when they meet, and was able to join the hallowed ground of Moses and the burning bush of petition. Upon leaving the circle, a kind stakeholder came up to me and whispered, “You still have a green sponge roller in your hair.” Now my hair is wild with curls depending on the day and the humidity in the air and the green 10¢ sponge roller has been my dedicated inexpensive “friend” on bad hair days.

We all laughed as I untangled it from my hair, expanding the circle of time and space when we were with God and He was with us. And it struck me that God is giddy in the moment with a sense of humor about our imperfections and saved me, along with my kind colleague, from walking into a panel discussion with a big curler in my hair!

Laugh out loud; He’s got you. He’s got whatever it is that frightens you. When you laugh, envision the prayer of need plunging down to circulate at His feet. Leave it there, and get the day in the palm of the real, for you cannot get the day back. Joy! amidst the noise of the world and the fatigue of routine. Joy in the simplicity of the unexpected laugh. Love to all.

Dianne Timmering, MBA, MFA, CNA
Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC

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