A Poem Written By Ten Residents . . . “WHEN I THINK ABOUT MY LIFE”

The following was a poem composed by ten different residents at our Winter Park, FL facility.

Ten Residents added one line each to a poem entitled:


Carmen   How wonderful it is!

Archie     How the Savior saved me

Betty      If I can get up in the morning, I thank Him

Marge    I thank Him for this life He gave me

Melinda And the wonderful memories

Myra       For my family

Sammie For my children

Betty      And wouldn’t it be perfect if He took the rain away for a day

Carol       I am so thankful for my husband (as he sat next to her)

Beth        and to one day to be able to come and go as I please with purpose.       


One poem created by ten poets who listened to what had gone before them and thought about what they could add to this on-going work of art.  This was a powerful reflective exercise that shifted both the spirit and brain into a higher gear.

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