Chapel Uses – From South Pittsburg

Last Thursday during your visit to our facility you and I discussed our chapel and how we use it, – I want to follow up on that thought, who knows maybe someone can use some of our ideas and practices?

I have chapel services Monday –  Friday from 8:00 – 8:15AM This service is open to all, facility wide. I try to have an upbeat, inspirational thought for the day. We take prayer request, hold hands and ask God for help throughout the day. I refer this to that first cup of coffee that gets you going, aka “Spiritual Coffee.”

I conduct services on Wednesday at 4:00PM. This time is designated for our residents, and usually attended by some activity workers as well. In this service we sing (congregation style) and have residents sing specials as well (this is an added blessing!) I normally deliver a 10 minute message and close with prayer. This is a very special service where the presence of the Holy Spirit is always present.

We also encourage personal time in the chapel. We have a “Occupied/Vacant” sign on the door to assure privacy. There have been many days when this time alone with God helped people make it through the day.

Our chapel is open to families who need some quite personal time alone, and of course when death or near death is experienced in our facility.

Our chapel is also an important part in marketing, when a family sees the chapel they are usually in awe and appreciation. This also gives me an opportunity to share the Department of Spirituality.

The chapel is also a great time for one on one consultation with a stakeholder. (as a word of advice, always leave the door open when one on one’s are being conducted.)

Even though it is rare, I have even conducted a marriage renewal ceremony in the chapel.

I  am only scratching the surface when it comes to chapel use, and I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest additions that our facility has ever added.

Rev. Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at So.Pittsburg, Tn

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