Spirituality Activated: A Solution – Scripture Tool For Clinical Partnerships

Scripture Tool for Clinical Partnerships

Signature Spirituality has created an online tool to provide everyone access to scripture quotations specially selected to apply to all manner of clinical conditions in order to assist in bringing forth real and positive outcomes in the overall health and well-being of those in our care. 

In order to provide a method of utilizing the healing power of scripture in deconstructing suffering and changing outcomes, this special tool was designed to help both the Clinical and the Rehab teams complement their great work to further activate healing in interventions and care plans solving the clinical issues that we face every day.

The eight categories link to almost 100 unique scripture passages that are specifically designed to affect clinical measures like pain management, anxiety and depression, weight loss, psychotropic medication reduction and many others.

The Scripture Tool can be accessed online anywhere in the world and can be found in the Spirituality Pillar section of the Signature corporate website at http://ltcrevolution.com/pillars/spirituality/spiritual-resources/scriptures.





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