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0001Spirituality Activated: Solutions

Chaplain Pain Reduction Study

Based on goal setting accomplished this year with facility administrators and clinical teams, the Spirituality Pillar is developing and piloting new programming to further address specific clinical conditions in our facilities.

One program being developed at Signature HealthCARE of Lafayette utilizes chaplain-led, specialized intervention efforts to help reduce pain levels for selected residents.

The program was designed, and evaluated via case study, to address issues of reported high levels of pain among new admissions in an attempt show that customized chaplain interventions, based upon focused and attentive spiritual care, prayer and a listening presence, and in partnership with clinical efforts and prescribed medications, can have a significant positive impact on pain levels for those in need.

By utilizing MDS data, and under the supervision of the Director of Nursing, all new residents were surveyed by the chaplain within 24 hours of their admission and, based upon their levels of pain, were categorized into various spiritual treatment groups. This was done so as to best assign the differing levels of attention they would be targeted to receive from the chaplain during the subsequent 90 day period. 

A multitude of spiritual techniques were used during the study, such as centering and intercessory prayers, calm breathing exercises and many others, in an attempt to bring comfort and personalized attention to those in need, so as to better soothe their spirits and promote their own inner healing. This was done with the full cooperation of the clinical teams so as to further assist in their ongoing pain management efforts.

The findings of the study have been very encouraging so far with the results so far showing a 13% decrease in pain levels for those receiving the specialized chaplain care. The details of the case study can be found HERE.

To find out more about the many different chaplain intervention programs available for implementation in your facility, or to join any of our many spiritual programs like the Daily Devotional, the Early Plunge or the Prayer Chain, please email us at spiritualitydept@signaturehealthcarellc.com.



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