Spirituality Activated: Solutions – Chaplain’s Stakeholder Recognition Program

PAT ON BACKBased on goal setting accomplished this year with facility administrators, the Spirituality Pillar is developing and piloting new programming to further address specific needs in our facilities.

One program called the “Pat on the Back Recognition Program” was pioneered at Signature HealthCARE of Buckhead. It utilizes chaplain-managed, weekly public recognition sessions for “above and beyond” stakeholder customer service in targeted locations throughout the facility in an attempt to help reduce turnover levels over time.

The program was designed, and evaluated via case study, to address issues of facility wide turnover levels with special efforts made to track and evaluate the program’s effectiveness over time on Total Turnover Cost. This was done in partnership with Human Resources and with the full cooperation of both the operations and clinical teams so as to further assist in the management of this significant issue.

While the findings of the study show a marked seasonality in turnover numbers, the results so far have been very encouraging. The full details of the case study can be found HERE.

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