Spirituality Activated: Solutions – Spiritual, Civic and Healthcare Events Calendar

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In an attempt to inform everyone on important observances throughout the year, the Spirituality Pillar has created a new online tool which collects information on these major events into one online resource.

In order to better assist chaplains and other department heads in the planning process about spiritual, civic and healthcare-related events throughout the year, we are pleased to announce our new online Spirituality Calendar

The calendar is located in the Spirituality Pillar section of the Signature Corporate website and is laid out in an easy-to-read format showcasing all the important spiritual holidays observed by major religious groups in the United States. The calendar entries about each event contains clickable information as to how each is commonly celebrated by those who observe them, as well as links to further information.

The calendar also provides clickable content for all major civic holidays, such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, as well as for major healthcare-related observances throughout the year, such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week in February or National Nurses Week National Nursing Home Week and the National Day of Prayer in May.

The calendar is internet-based, accessible worldwide, and can be found


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