Music And Memory – Changing Lives In Memphis

The Music & Memory Program continues to grow in popularity and effectiveness in more Signature facilities!

MUSIC & MEMORY℠ is a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life. By training nursing home staff and other elder care professionals, as well as family caregivers, how to create and provide personalized playlists using iPods and related digital audio systems, the Music & Memory team enable those struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories.

Recently an amazing story was published telling how at SHC’s Memphis facility, the Music & Memory program enabled a mother and daughter to reconnect after severe dementia had closed off so many other communication channels for years.

You can read the entire article HERE how the Chaplain at Memphis, using Music & Memory, was able to bring connectivity back to this special relationship.



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