Signature Chaplains First Cluster Meeting of 2015 – July 21 and 22, 2015

“This past week saw the first of the 2015 Chaplain Cluster Meetings . . . and the Spirit was indeed present at the event!

Some comments from the attendees . . . .

“Don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel I’ve gone to the well and drawn what I needed.  Thanks to everyone for sharing your spirit.”
Mark Mills, Chaplain, Signature Healthcare of Warren

“Thank you all exceptional people for exceptional experience in Ohio.  I have been around the chaplain block a few years, but never worked with such an anointed leadership team and a wonderful organization as  Signature HealthCare. Dianne T, Carol H, David E, Tim H as well as our cluster (IN/OH), I am blessed to know you, and re-energized to serve for His glory. We are all in the winner team! Once more, merci boku, gracias, sosongo and whatever the language, my heart says: thank you.”
– Ani Ikene, Chaplain, SHC of South Bend

“What a great time I had at our cluster meeting this week. Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who I met for the first time it was truly a pleasure. God bless your works in Indiana, and to we Ohio Chaplains it is always great to be with you as well. My prayers are with each of you and I covet your prayers as well. Love to all of you.”
                – Dallas E. Waggle, Chaplain, Signature HealthCARE of Galion

“Loved meeting all of you from Indy and to rekindle support and care from the Ohio group. LaKeya, continue to pass out those trays – I’m right there with you. And to the winners of the tower building – congrats but we will take you down next time.”
               – Mark E. Brodbeck, Chaplain Signature HealthCARE Coshocton

IN-OH 2015 Cluster mtg



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