Spirituality Activated Solutions – Multiple Clinical Issue Improvement Program


Based on goal setting accomplished this year with facility administrators, the Spirituality Pillar is developing and piloting new programming to further address specific needs in our facilities.

Faced with multiple needs on multiple fronts at once, Clarksville chaplain Charles Thornburg decided, with support and input from both his administrator and the clinical team, to study the use of the new and promising Music & Memory program in an attempt to positively affect several clinical issues at once, specifically depression, falls, antipsychotic medication usage and behavior issues, particularly in dementia patients.

Music & Memory is a program which creates personalized music playlists especially for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in an attempt to increase communication, activity and improve quality of life for both the patients as well as for those who care for them. Chaplain Charles’ study takes this concept to the next level by attempting to quantify the beneficial results of this program into broader clinical areas in order to further show expanded practical applicability towards clinical and operational indicators. This is done in the hopes of better proving the broader efficacy of this new low cost, non-pharmacological treatment option for so many in need.

Early results from the original test group of 7 residents were so encouraging that the program has been expanded to include 15 more.  So far all the participants have had no falls (all were at risk), are all maintaining their weight levels (personalized music is being played for them during meal times), and every one of them have seen significant reductions in their behavior issues, especially in outbursts and anxiety.

The full details of the case study can be found at http://ltcrevolution.com/pillars/spirituality/resource-center/publications


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