Signature Spirituality’s STracker system, explained

Signature Spirituality has been recognized by McKnight’s with an Excellence in Technology Award for its use of the STracker system to document chaplain interactions and improve care and services with regard to spirituality, as well as how spirituality interfaces with other disciplines. Read more about STracker below.

What is the STracker System?
STracker is a technological innovation that is a SharePoint-based tracking system that is a shortened combination of the words (“spirituality tracker”).

What does the system do?
This system is designed to provide a universally accessible system of online reporting for the encounters that chaplains have week-to-week with residents and other individuals or groups (stakeholders, family and community members).

Why was it developed?
The system was developed with the intent of both tracking the inputs of chaplain care as well as directing chaplain services towards vital areas of need within a given facility.

How often are reports generated?
Reports are pulled from the system weekly and sent to all chaplains, administrators, regional vice-presidents as well as to senior team members.

What were specific benefits that were derived from this effort?
The Stracker system and it’s quick-turnaround reporting allow for chaplain care inputs to be captured and reported in a short time frame giving feedback to chaplains and facility partners on their work.

The system allows chaplains to better target their efforts particularly with regards to certain issues over time, so as to apply greater efforts where needed.

Who assisted in this effort?
The Stracker system was designed by the Signature Spirituality department in collaboration with the in-house Signature Information Technology Team. The line items and organizational structure of the system was laid out by the Spirituality Team where the SharePoint system programming, reporting modules creation and access point coordination with the field were all created by the Information Technology Team.

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