Comfort in the Middle Ground

I recently read a reflection about being comfortable in the middle ground between old and new.
When I look back over the last year and life in general, this reflection gives me comfort because life is always in the middle ground. Getting out of normalcy into unknown open space may feel like suffering, because it is letting go of what we are used to experiencing. If we aren’t willing to let go of yesterday, it becomes hard to enter new sacred space.
Because of circumstances in our personal lives, 2017 has brought much change to many stakeholders, residents/elders, and families who have found themselves in unfamiliar territory. Unprecedented changes to our industry has introduced challenges to the Signature family that have caused major disruption to our work flow as well as our personal lives.
The question is, “Am I going to find comfort in the disruption?”
Come back for more on this topic – finding middle ground between old and new.

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