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“A Wedding”


On March 10, Signature Healthcare of Bremen hosted the wedding of Linda Jones, an occupational therapist at Bremen, and Jerry Lairson. Linda asked one of our residents, Joy Johnson, to be the mother-of-the bride for the day. Linda and Joy have an incredible bond. Joy accepted the honor and insisted on giving away the bride! Joy has worked hard in therapy so she would be able to stand for the wedding pictures. Over 40 residents joined us in the therapy gym and lined the hallways in celebration of the joyful day. To quote one of our residents “break out my Sunday best, I’m going to a wedding!” ​We were honored that Linda and Jerry shared this beautiful day with us.

Reverend Jessica Singleton, Chaplain

Signature Healthcare of Bremen

Bremen, IN 

National Day of Prayer Poster Unveiled!

2016 National Day of Prayer

Now in our sixth year, the National Day of Prayer is our largest company-wide event held on the first Thursday in May. A national healthcare movement, representatives from any and all faiths and walks of government life encapsulate a singular theme, “The Signature Nation-A Movement: ‘Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet.’ ” – Isaiah 58:1

Posters are in the mail to facilities today!



Shopping with Compassion

The Compassion Fund continues to assist in amazing ways and the needs are growing. When you shop remember the generosity of our partners AmazonSmile and your neighborhood Krogers.

AmazonSmile is a website operated by Amazon that lets customers purchase the same selection of products at the same price, but the AmazonSmile Foundation donates a 0.5% of the price to The Compassion Fund each time you shop with them. If you have an existing Amazon account, you can use the same account and link it to The Compassion Fund here. It costs you nothing! You can also go to then select AmazonSmile and select The Compassion Fund as your preferred charitable organization. You only have to select us once and every time you log in to Amazon, the site will remind you to check out using AmazonSmile.

Many of you might be familiar with the Kroger Community Rewards Program, which is similara3d04c55-d298-48b4-835c-ba8e124cd12d to the AmazonSmile program. You can register your Kroger Plus Card here to begin making the same type of donation each time you use your card. There is no cost to you, and it will help us raise funds to provide assistance and alleviate suffering of our stakeholders, residents and our community members.

So, all year-round, in addition to donating via your paycheck, you can also shop compassionately just by patronizing our partners for your everyday needs.

Feel free to share this information with your friends and families as well. We thank you for helping us fulfill needs of those around us.

Did You Know…The Jewish Holiday of Purim

Tonight at sunset begins the Jewish holiday of Purim which continues through tomorrow evening  at sunset. 

Purim is the Jewish holiday of Purim which commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people in the ancient Persian Empire from destruction in the wake of a plot by Haman – a story recorded in the Biblical Book of Esther. 

According to the Book of Esther, Haman, royal vizier to King Ahasuerus planned to kill the Jews, but his plans were foiled by Mordecai and Queen Esther. The day of deliverance became a day of feasting and rejoicing. 

Purim is characterized by public recitation, usually in synagogue, of the Book of Esther (known as k’riat megillah). In addition to this  there are additions to the regularly said prayers and the grace after meals, the giving of mutual gifts of food and drink, giving charity to the poor, and a celebratory meal.  Other customs include drinking wine, wearing of masks and costumes, and public celebration. 

Like Hanukkah, Purim has more of a national than a religious character, and its status as a holiday is on a lesser level than those days ordained holy by the Torah. Accordingly, business transactions and even manual labor are allowed on Purim.


Thank You to LTC Administrators

During this National Long Term Care Administrator’s Week, we in the Spirituality Pillar would like to share our sincere appreciation for Signature’s facility Administrators. Ensuring quality, resident-centered care is a mission we share with you and we couldn’t do it without your help and steady hand! As you close out another busy week, take a moment to look around to see all the lives you touch in a positive and compassionate way every day of the year and count us among your fans!  – from The Spirituality Pillar


“A Conversation With My Mom” An Introduction to Palliative Care

By Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality & Legislative Affairs
I recently came across this conversation with my mom in January 2012 which I had written down at the time, just after she had passed away in one of our SNFs. I wrote it down to capture her voice. The white page with black ink breathes her immortality and is a true treasure to me. Just like a buried light, it gifts me with her memory and I feel her presence, alive and well.
I offer this conversation to everyone to serve as an introduction to our new palliative care core service line. Being able to relive this moment is a powerful example of just how palliative care can Capture a voice in every breath of life. A voice can live long, ring in your ear as a reminder of warmth, of home, of direction, of comfort. The voice is a reminder not to forget, and to live…
January 9, 2012 – Had a good conversation with mom today . . .
I told her sorry that she had fallen and broke her ribs, that convalescing was tough; from there we may have discussed the rottenness of the disease [for she had Parkinson’s]. I just don’t know.
“Hello precious girl,” she said.
She reached out to hug me. I’m so glad she did.
“It is good being with you,” I said.
“It is good to see you,” she whispered.
“You look beautiful,” I said.
“Look at that pretty face,” she said to me. And then she admonished. “Fix your hair.” (She was always saying that).
Mom told me just how proud she was of me. It meant so much.
I prayed in God’s name and by His stripes she was healed across her body. . .
We studied each other twice like she had so much to tell me so I said, “there is so much going on in that head of yours which you just can’t say.” She knew . . . maybe she just knew.
“You’re the best mommy in the world,” I say, because she could barely speak.
“I love you,” she said with a deep guttural breath, like the gulp couldn’t get out of her way.
Why didn’t I take the time to lie down with her that Friday? Can I forgive myself?
“Hi mommy,” I say.
“Hi precious,” she would respond.
“Hi mommy.”
“Hi Di.”
“Trust Me fully,” God says.
The vacancy in her eyes – so much to say, or nothing, or just peace, like her voice and thoughts couldn’t connect anymore.
I can’t pocket away the grief. I can’t put it in a closet. I can’t do anything with it.
But God knew. Together the 3 of us, dad, my sister, and I assembled the most amazing and beautiful package of love – dad doing his role, Linda hers, and me mine. Not one did more or less. We just did as God orchestrated from above. But God then who was she calling? (She passed with the phone in her hand).
I don’t think she wanted to die.
Did we give her up too soon?
I picked my home over visiting my mom too many times, or was it just rest after a long day?
I wish I could look upon her again-her sculpted face and red cherry hair.
Why didn’t I know she wanted grapefruit and oranges . . . I could have brought her some. . .
The grief I suppose takes one day at a time to process and God sweeps it away behind us as we release it to a new ecosystem of life and survival.
The silence feels good.
Hi Mommy. . .Hi Mommy, Hi Di . . .
She could reach out and touch my face because she could see it; I hope it was a light to her. I hope she knew how much I loved her.

“Answers” by Dianne Timmering

King David says to his son, Solomon when he takes over the throne of Judah and Israel: “I am about to go the way of all the earth,” he said. “So be strong . . . and observe what the Lord your God requires: Walk in obedience to him . . . as written in the Law of Moses. Do this so that you may prosper in all you do and wherever you go and that the Lord may keep his promise to me.” 1 Kings 2:1

Recently, I couldn’t hear

God. Just couldn’t hear Him–in direction, guidance, solutions. I got busy, knowing His voice would eventually come to me. But I found I had to seek it to find Him. For He was there all the time. It was I who was distant. It was I who had settled into the business of the day and assumed His voice of discernment would come. But when it didn’t, I realized how powerful distance could be; how it could take me away from his beauty of magnificence. How He is there, but not to be assumed.

Seeking Him is where the answers are found not in the assumption of expectation. Assume nothing. Find Him. The answers are there in the nectar of His love. Always have been and always will be. Ask too, that helps. Ask and you will receive, He says.

And if the answer is to “wait”, it is still a good answer. Love to all. Dianne

Dianne Timmering
Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC


“NO Fear” by Dianne Timmering

We have been rescued from our enemies so we can serve God without fear . . . Luke 1:74

We do not need to fear. So hard to really commit to this. To understand this. To realize the truth of this. Fear surrounds us. We worry about our families, the instabilities in the world, the noise of the negative, secret fears which we keep deep and no one hears . . .

Why is it this morning that it felt like I was putting on war paint when I was applying powder upon my cheeks. Healthcare is hard. We face hurting stakeholders, tough surveys, an angry family member, and our beloved residents, who are sick and suffering and in need of so much.

The need around us drips like moss on a weeping willow.

So if we need not fear, why are we so good at it? Today, at this moment, right now, we say NO to fear and we claim God within us, hearing our deep secrets of worry, lost hopes, the impossibles that can’t get done or resolved. We get to step out in fearlessness in this healthcare world and not fear the swirl of the wild twirling around us, and know He is there, guiding, directing, taking care.

We are warriors. And we can be. We can be fierce, and loving. Stand up, with His sword in hand. Be bold. Like a Moses, a Joshua, an Elijah. Activate the warrior, for God is with you; He is in you; and we do NOT fear.

May you all be kept safe. 1 Thessalonians 5:23

Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC

“Going Deeper” by Dianne Timmering

I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these . . . John 14:12

Dearest ones: In this seasonal time of Lent, the coming of Passover and Easter, and the advent of the Jewish holiday of Purim next week, I thought I would take a moment of reflection about going deeper with God. Some consider the power of Prayer as well as Fasting as a way to deepen their relationship and discernment for greater life fullness in its totality without the bonds of limitation, for increased overflow of blessings, for an incredible re-centering of body and soul, for the richest closeness to precious God, for the deepest desires of your heart, for mass healings of our people or the dedicated healing of

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Fasting for example (as is prayer) is at your own discernment, time discretion, in your own way, in your own faith practice. The spiritual discipline aspect of fasting, the practice is also seen as having a redemptive quality as well. The practice is prevalent in the Old Testament and is common in Jewish and Muslim traditions even today as well, and is seen as a means of atonement for sins as well as an offering to God for his intercession in our many needs, both as individuals and as members of communities. (from the document, The Practice and Spiritual Value of Fasting)

Continue to be bold my dearest ones for your lives are worth it. You are most brilliant to me.

The best way to say it is this: God’s love explodes for each of you. And I love you too.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Dianne Timmering,
Vice President of Spirituality
Signature Consulting Services, LLC