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A place to share thoughts and experiences of chapels and worship spaces in our facilities, particularly when they are newly created or dedicated.

Chapel Uses – From South Pittsburg

Last Thursday during your visit to our facility you and I discussed our chapel and how we use it, – I want to follow up on that thought, who knows maybe someone can use some of our ideas and practices?

I have chapel services Monday –  Friday from 8:00 – 8:15AM This service is open to all, facility wide. I try to have an upbeat, inspirational thought for the day. We take prayer request, hold hands and ask God for help throughout the day. I refer this to that first cup of coffee that gets you going, aka “Spiritual Coffee.”

I conduct services on Wednesday at 4:00PM. This time is designated for our residents, and usually attended by some activity workers as well. In this service we sing (congregation style) and have residents sing specials as well (this is an added blessing!) I normally deliver a 10 minute message and close with prayer. This is a very special service where the presence of the Holy Spirit is always present.

We also encourage personal time in the chapel. We have a “Occupied/Vacant” sign on the door to assure privacy. There have been many days when this time alone with God helped people make it through the day.

Our chapel is open to families who need some quite personal time alone, and of course when death or near death is experienced in our facility.

Our chapel is also an important part in marketing, when a family sees the chapel they are usually in awe and appreciation. This also gives me an opportunity to share the Department of Spirituality.

The chapel is also a great time for one on one consultation with a stakeholder. (as a word of advice, always leave the door open when one on one’s are being conducted.)

Even though it is rare, I have even conducted a marriage renewal ceremony in the chapel.

I  am only scratching the surface when it comes to chapel use, and I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest additions that our facility has ever added.

Rev. Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
The Bridge at So.Pittsburg, Tn

The Chapel At Cherokee Park

One of the most beautiful Signature facilities is the one at Cherokee Park in Louisville, KY. Originally a privately owned mansion known as Four Courts in the Highlands neigborhood of Louisville, the Cherokee Park facility sits on beautiful grounds and has remarkable architechtural features.

The pictures below illustrate that this beauty is maintained and lives in the Chapel there:

312 314 316 317 319 320 321

A (Temporary) Chapel to Remember

What do you do when you need a Chapel or Worship space, but there is no area that can be devoted towards one?

You create a mobile one!

Chaplain Suzanne Priddy at Spencer County came up with the idea for a Prayer Wall that serves this purpose and used it in her recent Wellness Fair. As Suzanne explains:

We do not have a chapel and so we had to find another place to create the appropriate atmosphere for our Wellness Fair. My goal was to engage the stakeholders with a “Prayer Wall”. I asked them to write their requests on the “wall” or if they wanted to keep it private to write it on the back of a provided card and tape it  to the wall. I had low lighting, battery operated tea lights, soft gospel piano music playing and positive words on the walls.

The response almost brought me to tears. Several of our stakeholders stated how calm they felt and that they would love to have a space like this to come to during their break or lunch. The atmosphere was reverent and they were so sincere in their approach. I have placed the prayer requests in my office and I am using this as a reminder to myself as I pray for these folks daily.

Suzanne Priddy, Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Spencer County

Brookwood Gardens Chapel – An Oasis for Prayer, Thought and Contemplation

“We need a Chapel in this building” were the cries of various residents during a resident council meeting a few years back at BROOKWOD GARDENS. Though the administrator and many of the Department Heads at that time knew it was a need, the problem was where. But in all things related to the Divine, God always hears the prayers of His people and never ceases to provide.

Such was the humble beginnings of the facility’s birth of a chapel. That provision occurred when it was announced that the new wing that was added onto the structure was going to be opened and inaugurated. Once the residents got wind of that news they started requesting from the chaplain that he please beg the administrator to allow one of those new rooms to be used as a chapel.

Many others in the facility joined in recognizing the need for a place and space for prayer. These included Department Heads, nurses, CNA’s, kitchen and housekeeping staff. The Regional O.P. at the time heard of the cries and admitting that SIGNATURE is a company that does indeed want to provide the residents with the best of care, including Spiritual care and well-being, he allowed the administrator to grant the chaplain a room to be used as his office and the facility’s chapel. Again the question was where. The answer was a no brainer.

As the Lord himself always reminds us, the last shall be first, and so it was decided that the chapel would be the last room in the building, Room 601. This room is perfectly situated in a quiet far off corner of the new wing, where those who come into the chapel or feel the need to speak to the chaplain, can find a space of quietness and tranquility from the hustle and bustles of the main and busy area of the building.

Once chosen the chaplain announced to the staff and residents that it was their job to decide how they wanted to decorate it since he wanted the space to speak to them. With the help of nurses, CNA’s and residents, curtains were bought, chairs donated, messages placed on its walls and symbols of God’s loving presence were hung in a spirit of recognizing that this room was a room where everyone could feel the Divine presence of love, warmth and peace.

Placed outside the chapel, in its entrance, a list of those residents who have passed away during the year was hung, and is continually updated as a tribute and memorial of their lives spent wit us. After a month of preparation the chapel was finally inaugurated with the blessing of the Chaplain and one of the priest members of the Chaplain Advisory Board thus fulfilling and answering the dreams of those who knew that one day God would answer their prayers for an oasis of prayer, thought and contemplation.

Eddie Santana, Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Brookwood Gardens

A Fitting House of Prayer . . . South Pittsburg, TN

I recently had the great fortune to attend the dedication ceremonies for the new Chapel at the Bridge at South Pittsburg, and I must admit it was one of the most moving spiritual experiences ever.

Several local pastors were invited to a breakfast at the facility where Administrator Donna Adams, Chaplain Ronnie Case and many other stakeholders welcomed them all and told them of the great things being done for the precious residents there – and of how they would all now have the ability to pray and spend time with God in the new and beautiful worship space.

Blessings were given to the staff and prayers for success were prayed by all and the stories of how the chapel was created were shared. The pews which were hand crafted by a local vendor, the stained glass windows which were made with the help of the residents themselves, and chaplain Ronnie’s gift of the huge bible well over 100 years old – all these things were shared around with the many people assembled, just like a fine meal. Everyone was fed well on fellowship and the Holy Spirit, who was indeed present there in that beautiful little chapel on that August morning.

Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality and Culture, remembered her first meeting with Administrator Donna Adams:

“Donna, I remember when I first met you as DON and you had a vision for the chapel and you showed me the room which was full of old beds and other stored items. And you  showed me your idea for stained glass. The Lord just reminded me of this. Praise God
for your and Ronnie’s vision and grained faith of a mustard seed which plants and grows and blooms into the realization of tender glory where one can go and fellowship and find hope, find peace and dream big.”

Pictures of the chapel are below – please take a moment to lose yourself in the beauty of the place, and remember to say a prayer if you wish for all those who worked so hard to make it a reality – as well as for those in need who will use it every day from now on.