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National Day Of Prayer, May 1, 2014 – “In Defiance of Suffering” by Dianne H. Timmering

Today is a beginning, a new relentless pursuit in the deconstruction of suffering at every page of the healthcare continuum from the early signs and symptoms to the diagnosis of hopelessness, at the moment of collision of hurt and fear. We are a people who are afraid, who fear unknowns, who suffer blindly because of what might be or what has been.

What if we didn’t have to?

What if we could find that one elixir, a spiritual means for example at its cellular core and inject it, activate it into every condition, thought and situation, and then the element of its essence defies the mind from the negative place where untruths lie, and suffering roots.

But what’s in the design? How do we deconstruct the fear, the anxiety, the deleterious sounds of the symptoms of suffering from the honesty of bad news, or the realness of unrelenting pain?

What does deliberate intent to deconstruct hurt at every point of care look like? Maybe it looks like the peel of an orange, a plump section, a champagne toast to the tongue, joy in the juice of its sweetness, nourishment spreading throughout the working veins of the body where life is lived. The deconstruction of suffering at the cellular level like water puddled on a leaf seeping into skin, restoring what is parched, brandishing a new green, growing, living again.

As a people and a movement, do we have a responsibility of defiance because within our walls is a calibrated melody of the spiritual as an intervention of healing. Even early on as we created and built our spiritual model, we saw residents finishing their prescribed therapy not only because of a dedicated therapy team but because of a concentrated partnership with a spiritual quality, an essence of empowerment that reached into a patient’s state of loneliness, sickness, sorrow and came out with a resurgence of faith that wellness mattered and change of condition was possible. Depression around circumstance, we found, could circumvent healing. Remembrance and reminders of why they mattered, and prayer in the tangible of faith’s presence began to infuse the possible into the physical of the outcome.

Just imagine: Spiritual inputs for optimized outcome, such as the support of prayer, clinically spiritualized careplans, the hope in the Divine, the power of comfort in the belief and practice tradition of a particular faith, and integrating that within the overall episodic prescription of care. A brave new world.

With our amazing healthcare workforce (you see before you), physician and market alignment, a dedication to revolutionary fierceness, good gov’t policy, and an army of spiritual leaders with sword in hand and hope in word and deed, together on this day of national day of prayer, we are a movement in the defiance of suffering. This is not an isolated day of prayer but a launch pad, a spring board of deliberate intent to mine for your own joy, to listen for it, for there is always a way, there is always a solution. Grab it and impress it upon the molecules of your soul. This day is also about our clinical excellence, bundled with spiritual and medical inputs of best treatment and care—all packed into a capsule, like a pill, its own packaged elixir of fusion injected into the destructive pathway of suffering, blowing it up into a new each moment of heaven on earth, then we are the nuclear force that defies the anguish of fear and unleashes dunamis power and there will be calamity no more.

By Dianne H. Timmering


“Opening Doors” by Chaplain Steve McKinney

Being inter-faith here at work has opened so many doors in my ministry. I really was skeptical at first about trying to approach people on neutral ground. But isn’t that exactly how Christ did it? Meeting people where thay are and not where we think they should be. The nuetral ground allows us to “show” the love of God. The good Lord knows sometimes we surely mess up trying to “tell” the story correctly. I’m thankful.

Deb, our housekeeper, has a grandson that has been caught up in the drug problems as are many teens. This weekend he stabbed and killed a local war veteran to death for pain medication. The scene was horrific and one of the worst homicides in our community ever. She is at work today and said she gains strength from knowing that her family here supports her. We are going to have a special prayer with her this afternoon. She is very shaken and distraught but strong in her faith. I know she appreciates your prayers.

Angela, our RSM, is simply a God-send to us. She has such a warm personality and is a Spirit-filled warrior! She and I have done interventions together. We are currently working on a success stroy that is a true miracle of a resident. I will gladly work with her to start any program that will help our elder’s heal quickly and completely.

I truly see Spirituality as the cornerstone for true change in our revolution. I would like for you to also tell how much our facility is able to utilize this pillar in our building. Our mission and vision is about change. So is God’s plan for our lives. Daily renewal and changing our lives so that others can be “new creatures”. Created in His image, I hope we look in the mirror and realize that each day we represent His work!

I am happy to be a reresentative of this company and to know that God has a place in our decision-making and the future of it! God bless you Dianne and all of us that serve!

Steve McKinney, Director of Spirituality
Signature Healthcare of Rogersville


First Annual Interfaith Symposium at Winter Park, FL Facility

The First Annual Interfaith Symposium at Winter Park Care and Rehab featured the explanation of misconceptions about Sikhism, Judaism, mainline Protestantism, Islam, and the Bahia faith. Twenty-five Residents and two chaplains attended.

The event was moderated by the Executive Director of InterFaith Council of Central Florida, Rev. Jim Coffin. We learned that not all Moslems are Arabs and that Baha’ism is the youngest of the world religions. In addition we were astounded to discover that there are over 50,000 varieties of Protestants throughout the world.


Larry Limbaugh, Chaplain

Winter Park Care & Rehabilitation Center


Revolution Partnerships – A Native American Spirituality Experience

The following story comes to us from Chaplain Tim Hill from our North Florida facility in Graceville, FL.

I wanted to share with you an awesome story that unfolded yesterday at North Florida. We have recently created a Hospice Wing at our facility, and God is beginning to fill
those rooms with some wonderful people. We had the opportunity to compassioonately love and take care of one of those residents over the past five days. She was 37 years old and a Native American (Navajo). It was very evident yesterday that she would not make it through the day.

In the last hour of her life, I was invited into her room and was amzaed at the people surrounding her: Our SHC CNA’s and nurses; A Covenant Hospice representative and nurse; Our DON, and one of our ADON’s; our Wound Care Nurse; and our Social Services Assistant.

When I entered the room, the unconditional love coming from our family was overwhelming! Our SS Asst. and Wound Care Nurse had printed off some Native American prayers via the internet, and handed them to me when I entered the room. One of them was the Native American translation of Psalm 23. I read this Psalm over our dear resident, as well as a few Navajo and Native American prayers in honor of her heritage. God’s peace rushed into that room and her heart, and within a few moments she peacefully took her last breath on this side of eternity.

I thank God for the Revolution Partnerships (internally and externally). I thank God for His heartbeat of compassion and professionlism that illuminates through His people as we have been
called to do His work. Please pray with us for this dear family.

God Bless!

Chaplain Tim Hill
Signature Healthcare of North Florida