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SAVE THE DATE – Spiritual Practices Retreat – March 14-16, 2013

With the success of our last Spiritual Practices Retreats in October, we wish to let everyone know of our next offering coming in March!

For thousands of years persons have encountered the Divine Presence in nature, sanctuary, and time away from their daily schedules. Plan now to invest in your spiritual life and resiliency by scheduling a few days away this spring at beautiful St. Meinrad Archabbey for a Spiritual Practices Retreat.

Our retreat leader and spiritual director will once again be Nancy Penton, Director of Spirituality at Signature HealthCARE of Buckhead.

Last Fall’s retreat was transformative in it’s power and amazing in it’s ability to refresh and reinvigorate the soul – come join us for an awesome experience!

(We’ve decided on a Thursday through Saturday retreat this time so as to still allow for travel and rest at home for that given weekend.)

7:00 pm on Thursday, March 14th– 11:30 am on Saturday, March 16th 2013.

$160 before February 15th
$185 after February 15th

(Meals and overnight acommodations are included.)

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Please visit St. Meinrad’s website for more information on this beautiful spiritual center located in Southern Indiana.

To register, or if you have questions, please email Stephen Bowling.

Support Group for Signature Home Office

The Department of Spirituality would like to announce a new program being offered here at the Home Office to provide support for anyone who may be dealing with issues like addiction problems (in their own lives or in their personal relationships), bereavements (recently or otherwise) or other  life problems wherein a non-judgmental ear and a safe, confidential environment would be helpful.

We will be offering five hour-long sessions for anyone who might wish to attend from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM here at the Home Office on the following dates:

Wednesday January 16
Thursday January 31
Thursday February 21
Thursday, March 7
Wednesday March 20th

These sessions will each be held in Rev Room C/D and are all independent from each other and are intended as discussion and sharing sessions. They will be moderated by Karen Veith who will be assisted by Stephen Bowling. Karen has long wanted to help people in this area as she has been personally affected by addiction issues in her own family and Stephen has training in bereavement counseling and ministry to the addicted through his role as a Deacon for the Archdiocese of Louisville.

This support group is intended to be just that – support – and is not meant to take the place of any professional help a person might need to seek. The facilitators are not licensed counselors and seek only to provide a safe place where friends can freely and confidentially discuss how the burdensome issues have affected their lives and seek comfort and solace in the sharing.

For those who may be interested in benefiting from this program, but who do not feel comfortable or are simply unable to attend, various resources and general questions and answers concerning relevant subjects discussed will be posted here on the Spirituality blog shortly after each session takes place.

Also, should anyone wish to speak privately (and confidentially) concerning issues in this area, please feel free to directly contact either Karen at or Stephen at

Signature Home Office Adopts Resident Angels

Last year during her days of service at our Spencer County facility, Home Office Stakeholder Lynn Duvall noticed a need.

Lynn was helping out at this facility which is located close to the home office (where she works in the Accounting Department) when the subject of the approaching Christmas holidays came up.

“There are some residents in this building who have no families to speak of and who very likely will not receive any gifts at all this Christmas” she was told.

That was all she needed to hear.

Working with the Chaplain of that particular building she was able to provide for the needs of several residents last year, and this year she expanded the program outward through the Spirituality Department to include all of the local facilities near the Home office.

Taking the list of names and needs provided via the chaplains, Lynn started emailing coworkers she knew fairly well and asked if they would be interested in providing gifts this Holiday Season for these individuals in time for the gift-giving events taking place in their respective facilities. Once the word got out, the program expanded to include the entire Home Office.

The response was tremendous.

Through word of mouth and emails, Lynn was able to help over twenty local residents who would have received very little this Christmas. The outpouring of love and care from the Signature stakeholders to the precious residents for whom we all care was indeed a wonderful gift.

“Compassion in the Workplace” Session, November 16, 2012 – Festival of Faiths, Louisville, KY

“Compassion in the Workplace” session on November 16, 2012 dream from the Festival of Faiths in Downtown Louisville, KY

by E. Joseph Steier and Dianne Timmering

Our move back to Louisville two years ago seemed perfectly timed with a city-wide charge to create and launch a “lifelong wellness and aging” movement that we could play a major role in. At the same time, the expanding Festival of Faiths International conference was growing and the launching of the compassionate city charter by our new mayor that we were blessed to sign-on early, made it a divine exodus from south Florida seem like a dream come true.

Last week, as Dianne and I sat in a packed room with standing room only, we are surrounded by business leaders, top researchers, spiritual leaders, and just really engaged people getting ready to dig into a panel discussion on “compassion in the workplace” and hear about our spirituality model and other models which link the spiritual and compassion to human well-being. Dr. James Doty, a Stanford neuro-surgeon, and leader in altruism and compassion, started off our panel with the thought on what is compassion, what is non-compassion where one feels no part of anything. Does the lack of compassion in the workplace lead to bad stress and issues with productivity? And what is the cost of bad stress in biased decision making, weakened performance?

There were more deserving leaders than Dianne and me, like Paul Thompson with Bridgeman Foods, Tori Murden McClure, the famed president of Spalding University, and Phil Marshall, CEO and president of Hosparus, the panel sponsor.

But here are the takeaways, we really want to dig into-

People are starting to notice Louisville and the Compassionate City charter -this can be a framework and healing ideology to unify our divided culture and heritage in the same way Merton’s epiphany manifested; a rebirth and transcendence a foot in the stream of our city’s people.

Conference attendees came from everywhere in the U.S. included several delegations from Canada to experience this event. And so is the Dali Lama next May coming to our fair town to embrace this soulful city, to expand this compassionate city charter and contemplative partnership so the vision that Thomas Merton delivered in Bangkok the day he died (Dec. 10th, 1968) visualizing an east-west spiritual balance between western self-directed personal empowerment and eastern selfless reflection can merge to capture what are both mankind’s greatest attributes.

Remember, I did not like the previous workplace environment that I worked in very much either but we may be at the end of the western highly directive command center business model that gave corporate a bad name in the workplace anyway.  This will be the next industry leadership cycle requiring embracing the concept of shared leadership, collaborative external partnerships, real transparency, embracing servant leadership where we all must know the work . . . So . . . why not try being a compassionate workplace by being an early adopter if it’s going to happen.

Is compassion rooted in ancient religion? All compassion really means is that to be human is to embrace suffering–knowing it is an intersection to fellow man. If we share and reflect upon it, that everyone’s journey is equal in divine purpose, then we can drive toward the attempt at being present while possessing a non-judgmental awareness. God knows in me, that to feel deep personal suffering made me embrace forgiveness as the only way to heal and stay close to God. And knowing that we were on a parallel track of convergence with everyone in this room make us just feel more connected.

During the panel we learned a ton. One key learning jewel: Dr. Doty made an important point about the compassionate workplace state of mind . . . we must be totally self-aware, if there is a problem that you as a leader are the reason it exists, the critical party that must accept fault for it not being in optimal state, only then can you can help lead the real solution and create the condition around you so everyone owns the collective win  . . . something we need to continue to embrace.

Then the magic happens . . . the science of Happiness occurs–your stakeholders have freedom from fear, a new sense of control, relationships with building trust, and they can contribute to something bigger than you and them for the opportunity of transcendence and purpose because you have given them the compassion to be.

EVENT: Opening Prayer for the 2012 Senior Olympics

On October 10th, 2012 Signature HealthCARE hosted our Second Annual Senior Olympics here at our home office in Louisville, KY. Many of our precious residents from nine of our local facilities came to participate in a day-long event of fun and freindly competition before our home office stakeholders as well as many invited guests.

was asked to give the opening prayer for the event – the text of which follows:
Dear God. We love you so much and are honored to be here today as a collective community to celebrate life and our athletes.

We thank you or the opportunity to serve both you and our precious elders. Stay with us always. Put your loving arms around us and the rich people here you see before you.

Let us never turn a blind eye. Let us embrace their wisdom and exquisite beauty. Thank you for their service and courage in the building of our nation and the loving care they have provided to so many. On behalf of grandparents, parents, moms and dads we have lost, we deem you our beloved family – sage advisors and guiding stars.

For we are a byproduct of your greatness. Let us never forget this, and that purpose reigns in every breath. Let us celebrate the competitive spirits and passions and dreams which never die in the blood but only sometimes in the sadness of the heart.

Thank you for the joy and safety of all of our people. Bless all to overflow upon our guests and stakeholders too who care. Bless them so much, pressed down shaken together. Bless the day. Bless all hands, all feet, and all hearts. Amen.


PRESS – Louisville Courier Journal Covers Signature Senior Olympics

The Louisville Courier Journal newspaper did an article on the 2012 Senior Olympics that were held at the Signature Home Office in Louisville on Wednesday October 10th.

From the article:

The games are “about passion, purpose and the celebration of life,” said Dianne Timmering, Signature’s Vice President of Spirituality. “I don’t think the competitive spirit ever ends.”

Check out the entire article HERE which includes a 33 item photo slide show.

EVENT – Contemplative Spiritual Practices Retreat Offering for SHC Employees

For thousands of years persons have encountered the Divine Presence in nature, sanctuary, and time away from their daily schedules. Plan now to invest in your spiritual life and resiliency by scheduling a contemplative weekend away this fall at a beautiful retreat location, St. Meinrad Archabbey, for a Spiritual Practices Retreat.

Our weekend retreat leader and spiritual director will be Nancy Penton, Director of Spirituality at Signature HealthCARE of Buckhead.

7:00 pm on Friday, October 26th– 11:30 am on Sunday,  October 28th 2012.

$160 before October 1st
$185 after October 1st.

(Meals and overnight acommodations are included.)

Please visit St. Meinrad’s website for more information on this beautiful spiritual center located in Southern Indiana.

To register, or if you have questions, please email Stephen Bowling.

Alzheimer’s Walk

We recently learned of paople making a difference for a cause which is near and dear to the hearts of everyone who works in the long-term care industry – Alzheimer’s Disease.

For those who have it, nothing is the same as before.

For those who have a loved one with it, it is a painful reminder of how things have changed.

For those who witness it, it is something we must do something about.

In Spencer County Kentucky recently, they decided to do just that. Signature stakeholders, family and friends turned out for the Alzheimer’s Walk to rqaiase money for research to help flight this disease. The walkers from Signature raised well over $800 for the event.


EVENT – “WorldFest 2012 – Spirituality Thriving In The Marketplace”

One of the region’s largest international festivals, WorldFest celebrates its 10th anniversary with three days of expanded world food, music, dance, culture and education this Labor Day weekend on Louisville’s Belvedere downtown.

With at least 90 languages spoken in the Louisville public schools and with 50 percent of the city’s population growth over the past 15 years coming from international residents, Louisville is more culturally diverse than ever before.

New this year is the Spirituality Tent overlooking the Ohio River showcasing many diverse means of spiritual expression and celebrating the joy of spirituality from many perspectives. An additional feature is the spiritual business model exemplified by Signature HealthCARE.

“Spirituality Thriving in the Marketplace” celebrates the intersection of business with the impact of the spiritual (the freedom to worship in one’s own faith tradition) on creativity, capability and performance in the business arena.

EVENT – The Living Well Symposium, October 29, 2012 – “The Spiritual Impact On Wellness”

Dianne Timmering will be presenting from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on October 29, 2012 at the Living Well Symposium in Louisville, KY, an event sponsored by the Parkinson Support Center of Kentuckiana. Her presentation will be entitled “The Spiritual Impact On Wellness”.

The event is still being put together and more details will be forthcoming. Watch this space for more information or visit the Parkinsons Support Center of Kentuckiana website under “Events”.