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Spirituality Activated Solutions – Nursing Stability Improvement Program


Based on goal setting accomplished this year with facility administrators, the Spirituality Pillar is developing and piloting new programming to further address specific needs in our facilities.

Marking the need for increased nursing stability at the Erin, TN facility, long-time chaplain David Steppee conducted a study designed to measure the effectiveness on this critical metric of concentrated and targeted efforts on the part of the chaplain to affect real and significant change for the better.

With the support of the administrator and the human resources department, Chaplain David began taking a greater part in every new hire’s orientation, as well as  performing specific, engagement-oriented regular visits with not only the new stakeholders, but also with those deemed most in need by the DON and the other Department Heads.

By close partnering with a new HR director, and in the midst of a major staffing shortage in their small, rural area, Chaplain David was able to significantly move the needle upward on nursing stability over the 90 day period of study. This was due in no small part by providing increased recognition of top performers in providing care, as well as by what David describes as “making a greater attempt to make the new hires feel warm, welcome, and most of all, prepared.”

The full details of the case study can be found at



Spirituality Activated: Solutions – Spiritual, Civic and Healthcare Events Calendar

CHAPLAIN SOLUITONS - Spiritual, Civic and Healthcare Calendar-page-001

In an attempt to inform everyone on important observances throughout the year, the Spirituality Pillar has created a new online tool which collects information on these major events into one online resource.

In order to better assist chaplains and other department heads in the planning process about spiritual, civic and healthcare-related events throughout the year, we are pleased to announce our new online Spirituality Calendar

The calendar is located in the Spirituality Pillar section of the Signature Corporate website and is laid out in an easy-to-read format showcasing all the important spiritual holidays observed by major religious groups in the United States. The calendar entries about each event contains clickable information as to how each is commonly celebrated by those who observe them, as well as links to further information.

The calendar also provides clickable content for all major civic holidays, such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, as well as for major healthcare-related observances throughout the year, such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia Staff Education Week in February or National Nurses Week National Nursing Home Week and the National Day of Prayer in May.

The calendar is internet-based, accessible worldwide, and can be found


SHC of Jacksonville brings faith community, others together for car wash fundraiser

We had an awesome time at our First Annual Signature HealthCare of Jacksonville Community Car Wash Concert fund raiser event on March 1, 2014. There was a lot going on that day. We had food, fun, fellowship and a great time. The community came together and really made this event one to remember.

Voice of Joy Family Worship Center started us off with some uplifting music, and their mime and praise dance youth ministry team really added some extra heartfelt moments throughout the day. Pastor Larry Lockley, from Vision Christian Ministries, blessed us with a brief word of encouragement that caused us to think about why we are here to serve, and to be a blessing to those in need.

Gospel hip-Hop artist Young King David blessed us with some tunes that moved us, and brought CDs to give away to the crowd. The Church 3:20 gave us a check for $250 and brought their youth praise and worship team of singers and musicians to carry us throughout the rest of the day.

Our local fire department even came out to help with the event. The kids had a great time with the big red fire truck and all of the equipment on it – they even gave us a couple of toots on the horn! SPARKLE, a local professional car-washing business, volunteered their time and services, and their bright, shiny truck, which added an extra attraction for this occasion.

A local radio station donated four days of free radio time to promote our event during peak hours and drive time. Two local high schools came to represent their school and help wash cars. We also had pomes, games and a whole lot of fun.

Our goal for this event was to promote awareness and need for skilled-nursing facilities and elder care. We also wanted to share what it means to help those in need in our community and to bring the community together to experience the reward and benefit of volunteering and coming together for a good cause.

The event raised almost $800 toward our Resident Council Fund and we believe all that was done throughout the day helped us accomplish our goals. From this event, we can be reminded of what it says in 2 Corinthians 9:11 – that you will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

– Larry Glover, Chaplain and Bob Eger, Director of Plant Operations

Signature Home Office Celebrates International Day of Peace

September 21st, 2013 has been set aside as the annual International Day of Peace, and Signature HealthCARE plans to observe the event at their Home Office on Friday, September 20th at 10:00 AM EDT.

As a measure of attempting to promote peace within everyone’s individual lives, Signature will conduct a Ceremony for Peace in the area behind their headquarters, led by members of the Departments of Spirituality and Recruting.

The ceremony will consist of a liturgy of peace featuring a “stone ceremony” where all participants will be invited to select a small stone and place it into a specially designated area as a symbol of their wish for peace and reconciliation, whether that be for themselves, a friend or family member or the world at large.

The event will be celebrated with coffee and biscotti from Heine Brothers and mementos of the day which were made by residents in our Memphis facility especially for the occasion will be available for purchase as well.

Please email for more details.

Spiritual Freedom And Permission To Pray

Permission to Pray was borne from the actions of a precious Housekeeping stakeholder at Kenilworth Care and Rehab (Sebring, FL) who saw that a family member and new resident were sitting on the bed hunched over, and crying.

A new place, the unknown, fear…Not knowing what to expect. The stakeholder asked if she could come into the room, then asked the two if she could pray with them. The three held the hands of a unified circle and prayed for healing, restoration and peace. A calm pervaded and a tender joy with deliberate peace was restored. Tears dried and smiles came and conversation ensued because of the simple kindness of one.

Permission to Pray came from the bold approach of a stakeholder who saw a need, who listened to that still small voice and approached in compassion. You have permission to pray, if you choose.

This is a revolution of many who can meet a need with the power of a singular force: love, compassion and prayer.

– Dianne Timmering, Vice President of Spirituality and Culture

Below is a presention developed by the Spirituality Department and presented by Signature Vice President of Spirituality Dianne Timmering which illustrates the importance of what Spirituality means at Signature.

Permission to Pray is about the freedom to pray and worship based on meeting individuals at the point of their need, based on spiritual preferences and faith traditions. It is about the right to worship or not to worship but the freedom to choose. Spirituality is one of three cultural foundations of Signature HealthCARE, LLC based in Louisville, KY.

“Blessing Of The Hands” Ceremony at the Home Office

Gifting During National Nursing Home Week – the Blessing of the Hands

Shavuot is the Jewish holiday, celebrated this week, which commemorates the anniversary of the day God gifted the Torah to the Israelite people, making them at that time an entire nation committed to serving God. This gifting of God to his people at Mount Sinai is reflected in the holiday’s association with the harvest, when the many gifts of God are celebrated, most especially gifts like gratitude, guidance, discernment, relationship and purpose.

The Christian holiday of Pentecost is also celebrated this week, and it shares many similar attributes. It remembers the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples, fifty days after Christ’s resurrection, and bestowed upon those who received it equally marvelous gifts, such as wisdom, understanding, discernment, counsel and awe.

It is in remembering these great holidays, which celebrate some of God’s greatest gifts to humanity, that we offer to you our gift of the Blessing of the Hands. Coinciding with National Nursing Home week, this simple and beautiful ceremony will be conducted throughout the company, both in our buildings this week (some of which have already begun) as well as at our Home Office this Friday.

In this season of gladness, abundance and plenty, we offer this to those who make so much happen for so many as both a celebration of blessing and as a remembrance of love.

“Blessing of the Hands” Ceremonies At Louisville Area Facilities

Signature HealthCARE Chaplains Craig Cantrall (Cherokee Park), Clinton Palmer (SHC of South Louisville) and Nathan Marrs (SHC of Trimble County) visited five Signature buildings to perform the ‘Blessing of the Hands’ ceremony.

A former hospital chaplain, Craig adapted the program and launched it at Signature three years ago. During the ceremony, the chaplain blesses frankincense and myrrh, pausing to draw crosses on the hands of those receiving the blessings. The ceremony is rooted in the ancient tradition of washing the feet of guests who enter the home.

In the nursing home, the practice is viewed as a ‘thank you’ to the caregivers for the work they do, but it also serves as a reminder that their hands are performing God’s work.

Blessing of the Hands – A Testimony From South Pittsburg

This past week we celebrated National Nurses Week in our facilities and one of the programs the Spirituality Department put forth to mark the event was our special “Blessing of the Hands” ceremony. Our chaplains performed this simple ceremony throughout our buildings for all those nurses whose hands care for our dear residents every day.

One beautiful testimony in particular that we wanted to share comes from Donna Adams, the Administrator at South Pittsburg which shows just how much this work is appreciated. It’s posted below and thanks so much to Donna for sharing it with us:

Just wanted to take a moment to share what a true blessing the “Blessings of Hands” has been within our facility this week.

Being a nurse myself I can honestly say nurses are often times viewed as the strong warriors who can handle it all!! They appear to have this magical touch that makes everything feel better instantly. All nurses seem to need is a Band-Aid and everyone becomes happy.

They appear to be actual Superstars at what they do. For instance; they multi- task, deal with difficult residents, stand on their feet for long hours, they don’t slow down to eat, they handle blood and emergency situations as they always put others before themselves while smiling and leading by example desiring to serve more. A nurses mindset and heart is so full of passion to serve others that they would NEVER have a thought of slowing down to recognize anything about themselves especially their hands.

This week thru the “Blessing of Hands” the secret was revealed about myself, our Director of Nursing and our charge nurse staff. As nurses we really aren’t the Strong Warriors we appear to be. Nurses are people with needs who also need a special touch and strength from God. This week our nursing staff was provided a sense of peace, empowerment of strength and a fresh anointing thru the “Blessing of Hands”. It was an awesome feeling to hear Pastor Ronnie not just speak over our hands but provide us that individual touch as if we were reminded we are God’s hands extended.

This truly made our nurses week extra special!

Donna Adams, Administrator
The Bridge at South Pittsburg


Men’s Senior Chaplain Program at Spencer County, KY Facility

One of the very best new programs being developed by the Spirituality Department is the Senior Chaplain Program. It is designed to empower specific residents within a given facility by giving those with pastoral and spiritual gifts and talents the title of “Senior Chaplain” to assist in servicing the spiritual needs of their friends and neighbors in the facility. It is a program which gives purpose and meaning to those who participate, as well as being a source of both more constant and better care for all those they assist.

One of the recent facility’s to adopt and implement the program is our facility in Spencer County, KY. Director of Spirituality Vernon Jewel has found that in rolling out the program he has found it effective to do so in two groupings, one for the women and one for the men.

Below are his thoughts and pictures from his roll out of his Men’s Senior Chaplain Group:

We started the program Courageous the first week in February 2013 and there were seven men who completed the program initially. We first viewed the movie Courageous and then went step by step through the program. The men got to see different situations in life that pertained to their life and how to apply biblical scriptures to help solve the issues. We are working on how each one of them can use their new understand to help others in our home such as; passing out encouraging scriptures or quotes, prayers at nurses unit, welcome new men that come to stay with us, etc. Those who completed the program and were presented with their certificate entitled “The Resolution”.This has been a wonderful journey with the men it has giving them a time to connect to each other and to search themselves to see their purpose and learn to live it out.

Vernon Jewell – Director of Spirituality
Signature Health CARE of Spencer County


Signature Home Office Adopts Resident Angels

Last year during her days of service at our Spencer County facility, Home Office Stakeholder Lynn Duvall noticed a need.

Lynn was helping out at this facility which is located close to the home office (where she works in the Accounting Department) when the subject of the approaching Christmas holidays came up.

“There are some residents in this building who have no families to speak of and who very likely will not receive any gifts at all this Christmas” she was told.

That was all she needed to hear.

Working with the Chaplain of that particular building she was able to provide for the needs of several residents last year, and this year she expanded the program outward through the Spirituality Department to include all of the local facilities near the Home office.

Taking the list of names and needs provided via the chaplains, Lynn started emailing coworkers she knew fairly well and asked if they would be interested in providing gifts this Holiday Season for these individuals in time for the gift-giving events taking place in their respective facilities. Once the word got out, the program expanded to include the entire Home Office.

The response was tremendous.

Through word of mouth and emails, Lynn was able to help over twenty local residents who would have received very little this Christmas. The outpouring of love and care from the Signature stakeholders to the precious residents for whom we all care was indeed a wonderful gift.