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Discussions about and links to websites for helping people on their own spiritual journeys, no matter where they are or what their beliefs are.

EVENT – Contemplative Spiritual Practices Retreat Offering for SHC Employees

For thousands of years persons have encountered the Divine Presence in nature, sanctuary, and time away from their daily schedules. Plan now to invest in your spiritual life and resiliency by scheduling a contemplative weekend away this fall at a beautiful retreat location, St. Meinrad Archabbey, for a Spiritual Practices Retreat.

Our weekend retreat leader and spiritual director will be Nancy Penton, Director of Spirituality at Signature HealthCARE of Buckhead.

7:00 pm on Friday, October 26th– 11:30 am on Sunday,  October 28th 2012.

$160 before October 1st
$185 after October 1st.

(Meals and overnight acommodations are included.)

Please visit St. Meinrad’s website for more information on this beautiful spiritual center located in Southern Indiana.

To register, or if you have questions, please email Stephen Bowling.

President’s Day Prayer

Chaplain Eddie Santana sent us the following prayer he prayed with residents and stakeholders today on President’s Day at our Brookwood facility:

Dearest Lord in Heaven above,
May our voice be heard today,

For we speak as a nation united,

And to you we humbly pray…

Please bless our country’s Presidents,

Of the past, future and present,

For their mightiest endeavors,

All for this land they represent.

May your love be with those

Who since have passed away,

With those who are yet to come
And with he who leads the nation today.

Grant our present and future leaders

With your blessings from above

So that they may follow your lead

With kindness, compassion and love.

Please deliver them from evil

And bestow upon them the courage they need
And the strength of will to lead our nation

Without hatred, spite or with greed.

For those who have served our country well,
Please bless them for the good they’ve done,

For the the positive changes they’ve made,

And for making this country second to none!


Spiritual Journeys – Guided Meditations

Are you interested in cultivating a habit of meditating?
Are you aware of the many benefits of contemplative mediations?
Would you like to know more, but aren’t sure where to begin?

We have a great place to start!

The Inner Health Studio is a great resource for a huge variety of information on this and many related subjects – of particular note are their guided meditation scripts:

They have a large assortment of meditations designed for dozens of situations and needs and they even have a free guide to starting meditation as well!

Spiritual Journeys – Following The Word

Does your particular denomination follow the Christian Lectionary Cycle? Are you interested in finding out more about the Christian Word we hear proclaimed week after week?

If so, or even if not, the St. Louis Center for Sunday Liturgy is a great resource for information, commentaries, prayers and reflections upon the Word of God as proclaimed on Sundays via the Christian Lectionary.

If you want to read more Scripture but feel you need a good guide to take you through it a piece at a time, this site is for you!

Preachers all over the world use this website which gives anyone the ability to study and reflect deeply on scripture in a way that is easy to follow and constantly being updated week to


Spiritual Journeys – “Hem of His Garment”

“The Hem of His Garment Bible Study” is an online Christian Bible Study ministry that offers Free Bible Study Courses to anyone who wants to develop a deeper connection with the Lord through His Word. It has many specific online courses which are easy to follow and cover a large variety of specific scriptures. The site is managed by Ameerah Lewis from Cincinnati, OH and her own testimony (which is linked to from her home page) is a wonderful story in and of itself.

The home page:

And a few sample studies which we have found to be great are:

A study of Psalm 91 on God’s Divine Protection:

A study on Developing a Lifestyle of Prayer:

Ameerah discusses and suggests her method for studying the Bible:

Explore Your Own Personal Spiritual Journey . . .

Personally explore various Spiritual Journey links available to you. Your journey could be just a click away…

In the Spirituality Department, we recognize that there are many people in the world who may be searching. Some may be searching for a way to begin their own spiritual journey, while there are others who may simply be seeking to renew or deepen journeys they have already begun. And, yes, there are likely many who simply don’t know where they should begin because they just don’t know how.

With this in mind, we are adding a new “Category” here on the Spirituality blog, which is being moved from it’s previous home on our Intranet site which we call simply “Spiritual Journeys”.

This is basically a series of links to websites which we have found to be wonderful tools in helping people on their own journeys, no matter where they are or what their beliefs are.

All of these links come via recommendations from some personal connection within the company – either from other stakeholders, or our residents or from our families and friends. We will try and cover as many beliefs and denominations as we can, and we will also try and explain the scope and intent of any website we promote so everyone can choose the links which most apply to their own, unique spirit-led journey. Most of these are Christian in origin and focus, but we plan on expanding these into other religious groups andf faiths as we discover the best sites in those areas.

This series will be ongoing, and we hope that you enjoy exploring them as much as we have assembling them!

Just click on the “Spiritual Journeys” Category on the left side of the page and you’re on your way!