Why Seek Employment @ Signature Healthcare?

By Tom Davis

“A pilgrimage is a journey undertaken in the light of a story. A great event has happened; the pilgrim hears the reports and goes in search of the evidence, aspiring to be an eyewitness. The pilgrim seeks not only to confirm the experience of others firsthand but to be changed by the experience. Pilgrims often make the journey in company, but each must be changed individually; they must see for themselves, each with his or her own eyes. And as they return to ordinary life the pilgrims must tell others what they saw, recasting the story in their own terms.” By Paul Elie, from The Life You Save May Be Your Own.

Today more than ever, there is a skepticism in the work place. Often those seeking employment ask, “Why should I consider working at Signature Healthcare?” My response to that question has become very basic, “Because your life is worth living!”

It is a rallying cry that beckons those who are struggling to find more in life. Life ought to be more than just existing. Life should be about finding meaning and purpose, having a hope and a future. Such a life of hope and promise is possible for those working at Signature Healthcare. And it begins when you allow yourself to be embraced and held by our Sacred Six Values:

When an invitation is extended for you to become a Signature Healthcare stakeholder, you are immediately being affirmed by a POSITIVITY, Sacred Six Value #1, that recognizes the potential and promise we see in you. If you accept that invitation, you will be embraced by a COMPASSION, Value #2. It is our promise to come along side of you. Compassion means to walk with another. So your journey toward meaning and purpose is not a journey taken alone, but one we travel together with other Signature stakeholders.

Value #3, PATIENCE is extending to you our time and understanding. By your willingness to work and learn, you will be trained and helped to develop and grow your knowledge and skills. In doing that, you will gain our value #4, RESPECT! Why is Respect important? Because as you grow in your ability to give care, so will your opportunities to grow with the Signature family!

Now, these first four values will not make as great an impact without Value #5, TEAMWORK. Every day we must work together as a Team, side by side, practicing our skills and living out our Sacred Values. Why? Because something is changing, and life is getting better. During your on-boarding, Meaning and Purpose will slowly begin to be integrated into your life. You will becoming a person of INTEGRITY, who will do the right thing, even when no one is looking!!

Why is this so important?
Because the day will come when you will enter a new resident’s room. Most people would find doing that too frightening and challenging, but not you! Instead of seeing a body of flesh, hurting and in pain, lying in the bed, you will see a human being. Through your eyes of POSITIVITY, you will see a person with potential and promise!
And because of that, you will offer this new resident your COMPASSION, assuring him or her that they are not forsaken and alone. Through the days and weeks ahead you will be there, helping and assisting them. And by your PATIENCE toward them, they will begin to overcome their fears and stress of being alone and isolated. With a sense of renewed strength and courage they will begin to find a path to recovery because of your care. Your RESPECT creates an environment for positive daily rehabilitation and hope.

Through your TEAMWORK with other stakeholders and residents, something slowly begins to come together. There is an integration of Mind, Body and Spirit that brings healing and wholeness. So that when the day comes to be discharged, together you and your resident will have a deep sense of INTEGRITY that the right things were done to make life worth living!