Be Aware

1Cast thy bread upon the waters: for thou shalt find it after many days. Ecclesiastes 11

My son used to love to go to the local boat-dock and feed the fish that gathered around the walkway. The fish were healthy, but depended on the visitors to feed them. As Chase freely gave away most of the sandwich bread, I told him “Don’t give away all the bread son”!  His reply was simple. “Dad, we can get bread anytime we want it. These guys really need it”.

I ponder that story often and realize that our faith is symbolic of this event. We trust God to provide our every need, and even take for granted what He provides. But how often do we open our “bread bag of blessings” and give to those in need? When we truly give with our hearts, somewhere we will reap a blessing from simple acts of compassion.

It is never a measure of rich or poor, but of need. Truly some of the wealthiest people today have needs and voids that money cannot suffice.  It could be a need of compassion, of a caring friend, or a shoulder to lean on. Whatever the need, there is someone that can help.

Let’s open our hearts and share what God has blessed us with. After all “what goes around, comes around”.

Prayer:  Dear God, help us be aware of the needs of those around us. Help us to see how truly blessed we are and to realize there is no monetary measure of happiness. Let us freely give from our hearts acts of compassion, Godly love and support to those you allow us to be around.

Chaplain Steve McKinney SHC of Rogersville

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