Don’t Judge “The Box”

I’m NOT a writer and have never thought of myself as articulate but I agreed so here is my thought to share. Hope it blesses someone.

I’m borrowing this content from a sermon recently shared by my pastor because it fits my life so well.

Ever watched the videos on America’s Funniest Video’s or You Tube where the kid opens a gift with great anticipation only to find the box isn’t what they wanted? They SO wanted a Football but the box was a chemistry set. The kid immediately begins to pout and sulk. Arms folded, frowning, disappointed, even mad. Then what happens? The loving parent smiles and says “Keep going. Open the box.” There is the football! We’ve all seen this story play out at some point. We’ve maybe even been the giver or receiver of such gifts.

Now think about this. Everyone hears the term “I married up”. Well for anyone who’s met my wife they realize I can truly say that (she can’t unfortunately). My wife is the most godly person I know.

She start each year with a fast seeking gods will and provision for the coming year. This past year (2011) she didn’t share with me the meaning of her fast. No big deal, I figured she was praying for world peace or something super spiritual that I wouldn’t understand anyway. Then came Sept 8, her 36th birthday. I won’t go into the details as most of you have probably heard the story by now but my wife’s heart stopped. I rushed her to the hospital and through a series of answered prayers and miracles God spared  my wife. This time tested my faith like no other.

Now to tie all of this together. This event strengthened my faith and refocused me on God like never before. I’m passionate about my faith now. I’ve witnessed Gods healing power. The topic of my wife’s fast last year was “God draw Mitch to you. Whatever it takes.” WHATEVER IT TAKES . Man those are big words. Guess what? We were given a gift on Sept 8.

The box it was in was dirty, nasty and ugly. Full of pain, folded arms, sulking, even anger at times. On the surface I hated the box (the situation) but God said keep going, see what’s inside. What came from that “box” was a life changing event for us both. Out of this nasty box came a closer marriage, closer friendship as a couple and most importantly the exact present my wife asked for during her season of fasting, a changed Mitch.

Don’t be discouraged by the situation you’re in. Don’t judge the “box”. Persevere to see what God has inside the box. Chances are it’s exactly what you need as he’s a loving Father.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV)

Mitch Abrams
VP of Physical Plant

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