“Endless Hope” by Stephen Bowling

?You shall be secure, because there is hope.? Job 11:18

Scripture is replete with stories and examples of hope; it is an idea that we tend to return to time and time again.

Hope is one of the most resilient of all the emotions; it is said to spring eternally, but perhaps the better way of visualizing it is not as something which is constantly resprouting, but more as something which is continually moving further and further ahead. Hope is something which extends beyond both the horizon and even the human ability to see; it has neither limits nor an end.

Quite simply, hope is indeed endless.

As human beings we so very much crave hope. It is like the air we breathe, the sun which warms us and the God who loves us.

Hope motivates us, it enlivens us and it envelops us. It is quite possibly one of the very greatest gifts we can either give or receive. Hope is very often what makes life worth living.

Today, we actively pray for hope to grow inside of each and every person that we encounter.

We wish to contribute to it, to cultivate it and to plant its seeds in everyone we meet.

We want to give the tender smile, the kind word, or the brief paying of attention to someone new whom we meet today.

All of these little actions generate and propagate hope . . .

. . . hope of an endless kind.