“I’ll Be Mark Today” by Chaplain Steve McKinney

Today God has given me another day to live,

I ask myself; in what way can I give?

Will it be by action, or by word, or by deed?

It really shouldn’t matter, someone is in need.


A heart-warming smile with an out-stretched arm,

A fragile little lady approaches with no alarm.

“How are you doing Mark, long-time, no see?”

My response in my mind: “I’m not Mark, but Steve”.


“Oh, Mark look, how the rain is coming down”!

She always is cheerful and never a frown.

“Mark, you better stay inside today,

The weather is bad, but I think we’re ok”.


I felt a soft pat on my wrist as she turned,

Wheeled down the hall, and took a turn.

I’ve come to realize a change in my call.

To many we are much, to some we are all.


I’ve never known for sure who Mark may be,

But for some reason to her, he resembles me.

I’ve never had a problem ever being Steve,

But today I’m gonna be Mark, I can always be me!


Written by Chaplain Steve McKinney
Rogerville, TN