“Where Your Treasure Is” by Chaplain Eddie Santana

For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be! Matthew 6:21

Whatever we claim as treasure in our lives is where we put the bulk of our efforts and energy. Over time we generally grow in the understanding of what is really important to us and we let go of some things in order to have the time and energy for things that are more important. For people of faith, treasure is found in the love God has for us, in our love for God and in the love we have for others. The choices we make each day are based on what we treasure. How would we describe our treasure? What are we willing to let go of in order to become more focused on our treasure?

Gracious God, help us open our heart to know you more deeply and to choose wisely. Let us become more aware of the fact that when working at our respected facilities our treasure will always be found in the hearts of the residents we serve and care for, for where our treasure is, there also will our hearts be! AMEN!

Eddie Santana, Director of Spirituality
Signature HealthCARE of Brookwood Gardens