“New Beginnings” by Stephen Bowling

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Revelation 21: 5

Today is a time to reflect well on both endings and new beginnings.

As a Roman Catholic, I cannot help but be sad that this afternoon at 2:00 PM EST, the Church which I love and have dedicated so much of myself to, will once again, be without a shepherd here on Earth. Pope Benedict XVI has taken the virtually unprecedented step of resigning his office as the earthy leader of over one billion pilgrim souls. And as someone who loved and respected him deeply for all sorts of reasons, I am sad.

But I am also hopeful.

I have seen this event before – three times in my lifetime so far – and I have faith that all  will be well. I believe that God guides this process and that he will once again be true to his word to “make all things new”.  I know that God is always with all of his people here on Earth, both individually and collectively, no matter what we might each profess or how each of us might believe differently from the other. I trust him to guide us in the things that truly matter, for our own benefit and for the benefit of all of humanity.

Today is a good day to reflect. This particular day signals the passing of one large and notable thing into something new, and into something I also believe to be better as well, as indeed it should be. And even though I am somewhat sad, I am also relieved to see God’s hand active here on Earth once more.

Stephen Bowling