“Show proper respect to everyone” 1 Peter 2:17

Treating others with respect in our life is what we are called to do . . . all people deserve to be treated with respect. “All people” includes children, senior citizens, the sick and disabled, the homeless, the poor and even people we may not like . . . no matter their state in life, everyone deserves to be treated respectfully.

Respect is appreciating the talents and contributions of others and seeing the greatness in our differences. Listening attentively, asking questions to understand other’s point of view, using terms such as “thank you”, “yes sir”, no ma’am”, explaining what and why, following through on commitments, and celebrating diverse perspectives . . . all of these are qualities of a respectful attitude towards others. A better working environment can be created by showing respect to everyone we encounter and living out the golden rule of “treating others how we would like to be treated.”

A better world and life awaits all of us by practicing this one simple . . . and sacred . . . virtue of Respect.

 Dwayne Lowe
Spiritual Initiatives/Compassion Fund Director
Regional Post-Acute
Signature Healthcare, LLC


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