Are you “junzi”?


Here is some simple advice from a Chinese man who has been dead for 2,600 years.  The advice focuses on bosses and employees.  It worked then; it can work now.

According to this sage, a boss should treat his employees with kindness, and the employees ought to give the boss their loyalty.

How does your nursing facility stack up against this lofty relationship?

How much of this principle is working at your place?

Simply put, those nursing homes who use these principles, are humming right along, moving from victory to victory, while those who don’t spend most of their time slogging it out in internecine warfare, both overt and guerrilla, with often very, very messy results including a high casualty rate.  Where is your facility right now on the loyalty/kindness scale?

Kindness and loyalty in the workplace, what a surprising way to build a great company.

Superior Signature Stakeholders consciously practice these.

And those who practice them are more often not what Confucius would call “junzi”, or a superior man and woman.

Are you “junzi”?

I enthusiastically aspire to be “junzi”.  What about you?  Is it possible that it may start with you today?

No waiting is necessary.


Chaplain Larry Limbaugh
Signature Healthcare of Gainesville


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