Thoughts from a Chaplain on a coolish Wednesday, after lunch, written on a full stomach in a quiet room.

Noise is the enemy of peace.

TV is a soul disturber.

Save money.

Eat frugally.

Be thrifty.

Love your body.

Don’t overreach.

Keep it small, modest, and unpretentious.

Occupy the mind with wholesome tasks.

Watch your step.

Think things out.

Keep confidences.

Don’t tell everything you know.

Be hidden.

Be quiet.

Stay on task, even if the job is ‘small’.

Don’t pretend to be smarter than you are.

Learn daily how not to take offense.

There is no path.  We can only make a path of where we need to go already.

Chaplain Larry Limbaugh
Signature Healthcare of Gainesville



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