Hold Out Your Candle


Hold Out Your Candle

Matthew 5:16 – “…let your light shine before others….”

I was listening to 91.5 Freedom FM out of the Columbus the other day on my journey to the Sr. Olympics. One of the songs that played was from Chris Rice titled, “Go Light Your World.” In the song there is this particular verse that caught my attention: “Carry your candle, run to the darkness, seek out the helpless, confused and torn. And hold out your candle, for all to see it, take your candle, go light the world…”

That song, in a personal way, was asking me how well I let God’s light shine in my life. And yet, I also think it is a challenge for all of us as well. Instead of running from trouble, or hardship, or hurt. Instead of living in fears and worries and doubts. Instead of forgetting those who less fortunate than ourselves. Let’s let our light shine for all to see it. It is a light of hope. It is a light of direction. It is a light of peace. It is a light of joy. So my challenge to you, in using Chris Rice’s song, “hold out your candle, for all to see it….”

 Chaplain Mark E. Brodbeck

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