Nothing, I Found Nothing

You know that when it drops below 60 degrees here in Florida, I insist on putting on my snow tires and taking a day off.

Such was the case this morning.  I didn’t want to get out of bed; I wanted to stay home all cozy and cared for and like a baby of the Vanderbilt’s.  So, I canvased my system to see if I could find a callout worthy ailment. First, I tried the stomach but, nothing not even a twinge or a growl.  Next, I looked at my mental status and it was average, well at least average for me. Even, my breath even smelled like lilacs.  I had nothing.

So I called out, “Jesus, you are going to have to help me!”

Before, I could even think about what I said I was jolted out of bed with joy and I found myself with two feet on the floor.

Which later on in the morning turned into this thought: “God wants me at work today to do His work?”

Proving that Jesus not only raises the dead, but he also raises 64 year olds, who are very sleepy, comfy-cozy in bed, and sweetly dreaming of pensions and retirement.

Chaplain Larry Limbaugh
Signature Healthcare of Gainesville


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