Some time back on my way to Chattanooga I went through a bank’s drive in window to get a $100.00 checked cashed.  The young lady teller was very nice and said thanks after my transaction was completed. I very seldom look or count my money, rather just trust the bank to be accurate and honest.

My wife did some shopping and then we went out to eat. When the waitress brought the check I reached inside my suit coat and took out the money which was still in the envelope, and found to my surprise ten $100.00 dollar bills!  I knew immediately what had happened and explained to my wife that I had to make a call to someone even though it was after hours! To my surprise the bank was still open, including the young teller, looking for the shortage. I informed them that I had $900.00 too much and would bring it to them the next morning,  (they asked if I could bring it that night, but being out of town they understood) – they were so relieved and appreciative, especially the young teller.

The morale of my story is this, that same young lady and her husband and daughter began to attend our church and have become very involved.  Even though I didn’t do anything that 99.9% of the people wouldn’t have done as well,  it just shows us that Integrity is still the key principle to those who want to receive a blessing!

Prayer: May I be a person of integrity and make right decisions even when they are difficult.

Ronnie Case – Director of Spirituality
Signature Health Care of So.Pittsburg, Rehab & Wellness Center


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