Are you online with God?

Are We Online with GOD

Pray without ceasing, (1 Thessalonians 5:17)  

In our world today, most of us are very familiar with what it means to be “online”.  Oxford Dictionary defines the word “online” as such; “while so connected or under computer control”.

If we, as children of GOD, conduct our lives every day, “while so connected or under GOD’s control”, what a difference it would make in our lives. If we stay connected to the Holy Spirit, GOD’s internet, and never turn off our “Hotspot” we will be more prepared and our actions and reactions will be more loving, more thoughtful and more resourceful.

We have all experienced those frustrating moments when we lose our connection to the Internet………..or possibly we are one of those that only turn it on when we need to use it.                                  Sometimes that creates a real delay!

What a privilege it is to have continuous access to GOD. How do we do that? Through unceasing prayer. I think about my computer screen or my phone. If I turn away for a few seconds too long……………it shuts me down, locks my screen and disconnects me. Then I must log back in.

All that GOD requires is for us to be consistent in prayer. You ask the questions, “Oh, is that all? and “How can I possibly pray all the time?” Well, sometimes it is in our thoughts, other times it is on our lips. As long as our brain is running, we have the capability to be online with GOD. If we can make a conscious effort to pick up our phone continuously throughout the day to check our e-mail, FB, etc, then what excuse do we really have?

GOD is so good! He loves us so much! He longs for us to commune with Him. He is always there.  Aren’t we glad His internet never goes down!

Gina Bowden, Chaplain

Chautauqua Rehab & Nursing Center

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