It has been given a bad rap, but I’m just crazy about it, particularly as a tool to help.

When I choose to let my guard down to a level at which I am comfortable, I find that people are almost always helped.  At those times, I don’t tell them what I believe; instead I tell them what I doubt.  Eight times out of ten they agree, usually accompanied with a sigh of relief.

Who in trouble wants to hear what I believe?  My stridently held beliefs can become destructive. They may only produce guilt because I set the bar too high particularly for myself.

It is my job to lighten the load on others by talking about my unbelief. 

And when I do, they invariably thank me, and begin to see some hope,

And when I see them the next day, they usually look calmer.

And the two of us wind up having a real relationship.

A relationship that is a little less vertical and a skoosh more horizontal.

 Chaplain Larry Limbaugh

Signature Healthcare of Gainesville


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