SHC CEO testifies at House Committee hearing

As our CEO of Washington Rehab and Nursing Center celebrates his birthday today, we would be remiss if we didn’t applaud him for his great leadership not only in the facility for his residents and stakeholders but in his community as he is always a part of great activities in Chipley, Florida.

Robert “Bret” Brown is a true servant leader. Last week in Tallahassee he testified in the House Committee hearing as they proposed to decrease the Personal Needs Allowance for nursing facility residents in their budget, something that our own Ms. Lucy Kennedy brought forward in 2015 when she met with then Senate President, Don Gaetz and state Representative (Now US Congressman) Matt Gaetz.

This has been a true blessing for our Florida residents who deserve some of the simple pleasures which the increase in the Personal Needs Allowance provides. To decrease this in a time when the cost of living keeps going up and up would be a travesty for Florida elders residing in our facilities.

A huge thank you to Bret for his great advocacy on behalf of all Florida nursing home residents and for always being there to serve and protect our elders. Kudos Bret!