Vote Today and make your voice heard!

Signature HealthCARE residents take voting seriously and hope that you do to! Exercise your right to vote and let your voice be heard as they did.

  • SHC Gulfport had a representative come out to our facility a few monthly ago to register our residents. They received absentee ballots in the mail and have already voted!
  • SHC Lafayette went to the polls allowing our residents to vote today! (Friday, Nov. 2nd)
  • SHC Warren – one resident exercised his right to vote last week when officials visited Signature Healthcare of Warren to assist with voting.
  • Spring City – Our residents have cast their vote in the upcoming election by early voting. They are hoping those registered voters did the same thing.
  • SHC-Fort Wayne – Our SHC voters were anxious to get registered and vote in this mid-term.
  • SHC – Bluegrass had 28 residents registered to vote!!! 18 voted by absentee ballots and were excited to play a part in our country’s election process!
  • SHC of Port Charlotte resident believes in our resident’s right to vote.
  • SHC Elizabethton residents also voted early.  They were so proud to show  their stickers that proudly proclaimed “I Voted” and encouraged  other residents to vote!

And remember ……what your elected officials do affects you, affects our residents, affects our families and affects the communities that we serve!