Hall of Fame celebrations begin at Signature HealthCARE

Every year across our Signature HealthCARE family, our facilities celebrate the Hall of Fame, an event, wherein we celebrate the lifetime achievements of our residents, stakeholders and also our Community Leaders.

Our country faces economic and social challenges and the commitment to society takes great precedence in building the fabric of our society. Through their contributions, these honorees have unselfishly given back to their communities making them true “hometown heroes”.

We take great pride in sponsoring these events and attending our recent Hall of Fame celebration at Signature HealthCARE of Greenville, Tennessee we were honored to have TN State Representative, David Hawk and Alderman Keith Paxton at our event speaking to this years’ recipients and their families.

Many of our facilities will be hosting their Hall of Fame events tonight and into next week so look for some more great stories as we capture these outstanding celebrations and tributes.