SHC teams continue to meet with legislators to discuss key issues

Whether they come to our facilities or we go to their offices, meeting with our elected officials has always been an initiative of Signature HealhCARE. It gives us a chance to really have an opportunity to discuss key issues of concern that impact our residents, stakeholders and our communities.

Such was the case on April 2nd when Indiana SHC teams attended Long Term Care Professional Day at the Statehouse discussing bills concerning transportation for non-emergency medical transportation for our residents and Guardianship and Medicaid eligibility. Attendees were then honored with a resolution by state leaders for the compassionate service and dedication providing quality care to our Hoosier seniors.

and……This past week our Florida teams attended FHCA’s annual “Lobby Wednesday” meeting with our legislators to discuss the sunshine state’s issues impacting long term care. A Facebook Live rally was held in the Capitol Courtyard this year urging legislators to renew the Medicaid funding increase that was in the 2018 state budget .

Following the rally, we had some great meetings sharing with legislators the financial impact to their individual districts if the nursing home funding is not renewed and how funding drives quality improvements as adequate funding is the backbone for long term care and taking care of Florida’s elders should never be a “tough choice”!

We also talked about the need to preserve the Certificate of Need process and how free market money saving myths and repealing CON will not bring free market competition to nursing homes.

It was a great day in Tallahassee!!