Residents at SignatureHealthCARE cast their votes!

CMS recently released a Memo QSO-21-02-NH focused on resident voting in long term care facilities.

Signature HealthCARE is no stranger to ensuring that our residents that are able to vote, have that opportunity for as we know, the right to vote is essential to our democracy!

For many years now through our “Voter Promo” platform we have actively engaged in promoting in every facility the importance of ensuring that our residents vote in elections, and while 2020 is different across the spectrum than anything like before, it remained a major initiative for us.

This year was no different as our incredible Quality of Life and Activities Directors collaborated with state and local election officials to ensure our resident’s right to vote, working diligently through the challenges presented by COVID 19 to do everything possible to ensure that residents could get the information and materials they need to participate in the election, while also staying safe from COVID!!

At Signature HealthCARE……we know voting gives our residents an opportunity to choose who you they want to represent them – because what their elected officials do affects them, affects their families and affects the communities that we serve!

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