Signature HealthCARE’s annual Hall of Fame events a great success

Signature HealthCARE’s Hall of Fame events were celebrated across our states this past week, honoring so many lifetime achievements of our residents, stakeholders and also our Community Leaders.

SHC Gulfport in South Pasadena, FL Hall of Fame hosted Mayor Max Elson and Vice-Mayor Arthur Penny along with Pasadena County Council members, while over at Pickett Care and Rehabilitation Center in Byrdstown, TN state Representative Kelly Keisling was there to honor our 2018 inductees.


Celebrating our Veterans…Did you know?

This Sunday, November 11 is Veterans Day- celebrated with parades and events across the country to honor and celebrate all military personnel who have served in the U.S. armed forces.

  • It was originally called “Armistice Day,” and the date was chosen to commemorate the signing of the “armistice” or truce with Germany to suspend fighting during World War I.
  • In legislation passed in 1938, Nov. 11 was dedicated to the cause of world peace and celebrated and known as “Armistice Day.” This new legal holiday honored World War I veterans.
  • In 1954, after World War II and the Korean War, the 83rd U.S. Congress — at the urging of veterans’ organizations — amended the Act of 1938 and, with the approval of this legislation, Armistice Day was changed to “Veterans Day.” Therefore, Nov. 11 became a day to honor American veterans of all wars.
  • In 1968, the Uniform Holiday Act was enacted. Under this law, Veterans Day was moved to the last Monday of October. Veterans Day under this new law was observed with much confusion.
  • On Sept. 20, 1975, President Gerald R. Ford signed a new law which returned the observance of Veterans Day to its original date of Nov. 11.

Today I share with you a photo of a very special Veteran, my dad, my hero, Harold D. Gallin, who spent 4 years overseas in WWII serving his country and I honor him and all of our Veterans for their patriotism and the love of this country and for their service so you and I can have the freedoms we cherish as Americans.  Thanks to all of our beloved Veterans today and always!


Hall of Fame celebrations begin at Signature HealthCARE

Every year across our Signature HealthCARE family, our facilities celebrate the Hall of Fame, an event, wherein we celebrate the lifetime achievements of our residents, stakeholders and also our Community Leaders.

Our country faces economic and social challenges and the commitment to society takes great precedence in building the fabric of our society. Through their contributions, these honorees have unselfishly given back to their communities making them true “hometown heroes”.

We take great pride in sponsoring these events and attending our recent Hall of Fame celebration at Signature HealthCARE of Greenville, Tennessee we were honored to have TN State Representative, David Hawk and Alderman Keith Paxton at our event speaking to this years’ recipients and their families.

Many of our facilities will be hosting their Hall of Fame events tonight and into next week so look for some more great stories as we capture these outstanding celebrations and tributes.



Vote Today and make your voice heard!

Signature HealthCARE residents take voting seriously and hope that you do to! Exercise your right to vote and let your voice be heard as they did.

  • SHC Gulfport had a representative come out to our facility a few monthly ago to register our residents. They received absentee ballots in the mail and have already voted!
  • SHC Lafayette went to the polls allowing our residents to vote today! (Friday, Nov. 2nd)
  • SHC Warren – one resident exercised his right to vote last week when officials visited Signature Healthcare of Warren to assist with voting.
  • Spring City – Our residents have cast their vote in the upcoming election by early voting. They are hoping those registered voters did the same thing.
  • SHC-Fort Wayne – Our SHC voters were anxious to get registered and vote in this mid-term.
  • SHC – Bluegrass had 28 residents registered to vote!!! 18 voted by absentee ballots and were excited to play a part in our country’s election process!
  • SHC of Port Charlotte resident believes in our resident’s right to vote.
  • SHC Elizabethton residents also voted early.  They were so proud to show  their stickers that proudly proclaimed “I Voted” and encouraged  other residents to vote!

And remember ……what your elected officials do affects you, affects our residents, affects our families and affects the communities that we serve!

Signature HealthCARE residents take part in early voting!

Here at Signature HealthCARE it is important to us that our residents who are able to and desire to vote are given the opportunity to cast their ballots. All across our Signature family residents have been voting! At Spring City Care and Rehabilitation Center in Spring City, TN our residents were able to vote early!

Over at Kenilworth Care and Rehabilitation Center in Sebring, Florida a group of residents came up with 3 questions once they voted and the responses were amazing:

  • Why is it important for you to vote?
  • How many years have you been voting?
  • How do you feel about being able to exercise your RIGHT TO VOTE in your new home?


One resident who spent 44 yrs in the military fighting for this country who also dedicated his Civilian career to the defense of this country said “I know of no other way, nor do I desire any other way to orient my Life. 5 times I have sworn to defend our country against enemies.”

Another resident said “It’s a privilege and my civic duty to vote”.

SHC-Chesapeake Shores jumped into action during Hurricane Florence

As we recently blogged about the incredible efforts by our SHC teams during the evacuation during Hurricane Florence in getting our Norfolk residents to our sister facilities, we inadvertently and unintentionally failed to mention the valiant effort put forth by our team at SHC – Chesapeake Shores who were notified about 6:00 a.m. that the Norfolk facility needed help getting the last of the residents to SHC-Mallard Bay.

Dawn Dries, regional VP called Dee Dee Williams, DON at Chesapeake Shores and asked if they could help. Well that was all it took and within no time SHC Chesapeake Shores jumped into action.  DON Williams called our medical records coordinator, Amber Stewart, who in turn contacted Pam Briscoe, head of supplies, and they all decided “Let’s do this”!!  So, they left Chesapeake Shores about 8:30 a.m. and drove down to Norfolk arriving about 12:30 p.m. and picked up 8 of their residents and drove them to SHC-Mallard Bay arriving safely around 5:00 p.m. -just in time for dinner.  They met staff from both Norfolk and Mallard Bay there and to quote Amber Stewart “it’s nice to put a face to name”. They provided a brief report about their journey and then hit the road back home to Chesapeake Shores arriving at 9:00 p.m.

Our sincerest thanks to everyone once again for their teamwork and dedication, always putting the safety and well- being of our residents above all else. But as we said before….it’s who we are at Signature HealthCARE and it’s what we do!  Kudos to all and recognizing SHC Chesapeake Shores, SHC-Mallard Bay and SHC of Norfolk, true heroes!


Another incredible Hurricane Florence story at SHC- Tanbark

Another incredible Hurricane Florence story as SHC Tanbark took care of 61 residents that had also evacuated from our sister facility in Norfolk, Va.

SHC at Tanbark stepped up and accepted 61 residents from our sister facility in Norfolk, VA. From Department Heads, to nurses, CNA’s to dietary and housekeeping, the teams worked so hard together to make sure that our residents were safe and at the same time created everlasting memories really defining “teamwork”!

Tanbark more than doubled it’s occupancy on the Personal Care Unit and to quote Nikki Schilling, CEO/Administrator at Tanbark “the team did it with a smile” It’s times like these that definitely remind us why we do what we do. It’s a calling and we are so fortunate to have been called to do so!

Our stakeholders from both Norfolk and Tanbark will never forget this experience they shared. Even the local community got involved as they provided fruit, brownies and extra food. A kudos to the teams from Norfolk and Tanbark as they shared love and compassion for all…..because that is who we are and this is what we do at Signature HealthCARE!

Hurricane Florence no match for our great teams at Signature HealthCARE

Making sure our residents are safe is first and foremost for Signature HealthCARE and when our facility in Norfolk came under mandatory evacuation during Hurricane Florence, our teams jumped into action!

SHC at Mallard Bay , truly heroes of the day welcomed residents and fellow stakeholders to keep them all safe from harms way!  Kudos to our great SHC teams….

Senator Jon Ford visits SHC-Terre Haute

Yesterday, Senator Jon Ford, who is running for re-election in District 38 visited Signature HealthCARE of Terre Haute talking with residents and stakeholders about issues and concerns that impact our communities.

Facility tours play a critical role in legislative efforts enabling policy makers to see firsthand the issues that affect our industry, and most importantly, they see how their constituents are impacted by what they decide whether it be at the Federal, State, or even local government level.

Thanks to Senator Ford for a great visit that also made the nightly local news….check it out!




Today is National Voter Registration Day – are you registered to vote?

Did you know that today is National Voter Registration day?


Today is National Voter Registration Day – a perfect time to sign up if you haven’t already …..and make sure you can cast your ballot in the next election!


your voice matters…you choose who represents you and remember what your elected officials do affects our residents, our families and our communities….register to vote!

To register in your state: